Farewell, Windows

I’ve got Windows 10 at my laptop around 3 weeks ago and was testing it since. I do like the new design, and the OS itself is definitely better than any previous Windows version, including 7. And all of my life I’ve always been a Windows guy, preferring Linux only in server or virtual environments. But I just can’t leave all the privacy concerns be. I hate the idea someone is constantly watching what I am doing and where I am going. And I can’t bear the fact that Microsoft can scan my hard drive or sneak on me through my webcam anytime they want. It’s gone way too far.

When they announced the free upgrade, I knew it will be something serious and users will have still have to pay, but in some different way. Well, now we know what it is… Sorry, Microsoft, I am not buying this anymore.

Three years ago, when I wanted to refresh my software development skills and learn something new on a professional level, I was choosing between C# and Java, and I really wanted it to be the former given all of my previous experience, but the price of Visual Studio and MSDN subscription was astronomical, and everything was restricted to only one OS and one vendor while for Java everything was free and cross-platform. The choice was obvious and now I am a Java programmer in addition to my other skills.

Now it’s my home desktop operating system’s turn, and the choice is obvious as well…

Goodbye, Windows, taking your last picture for memories:


Solution for Lenovo ThinkPad problem with sleeping mode in Windows 8.1

upd: Even better solution is to use the latest Windows 8.1 ISO which can downloaded using the following Microsoft’s tool. It instantly detects the video adapter and installs the required driver.

This seems to be a standard problem for many Lenovo laptops: after Windows 8 enters sleeping mode, computer does not wake up – all the lights and fans are on, but display remains always black, until reset.

Support forums did not help much – people talk about this problem for a couple of years already, some advice updating BIOS, but this did not work in my case. Only the stock image from Lenovo Recovery CDs seemed not to have this problem (but did have Superfish and stuff ;-) )

Solution appeared to be quite easy – I just needed to install the latest Intel HD Graphics Driver :) That’s it. Here’s the location of this driver:

It just seems that Lenovo System Update software does not update this driver automatically.